8 Classics Every Christian Should Read – CCC Discover

A good practice for many believers is reading far and wide regarding the Christian tradition.  Here are 8 books that you might want to check out if you have the time! (For Refresh members, I can most likely borrow these from my school library in case you're interested in reading any of them!) Source: 8... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Stop Dating the Church by Joshua Harris.

Pages: 129 Difficulty: Easy Would I recommend it? Yes, for the reader who is willing to self-examine and be open-minded to what he has to say. As far as books of this length go, I think the temptation is to just quickly skim through it and be done with it - that's exactly what I... Continue Reading →

3 Books to Read.

These are 3 books that will be worth reading at some point for us moving forward; I've included the little blurb that comes with the back cover. If there are enough people interested in a particular book, I'd be happy to follow along and maybe post thoughts about the material from time to time (OR... Continue Reading →

5 Books that Will Help You Pray – CCC Discover

Prayer is what takes Christianity out of the realm of thought and theory and into the place where you live, work, and play. Prayer makes you an earthy, gritty, grace-loving, reconciliation-pursuing, real-life Christian. Prayer won’t let you keep your Christianity in your mind, away from people. Prayer will help you embrace life in all your... Continue Reading →

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