That Time I Said “Yes” When I Really Meant “No”: One Last Thought on Eugene Peterson’s Interview — Rebecca K. Reynolds

Recently, Pastor Eugene Peterson gave an interview in which he made some comments regarding a willingness to marry same-sex couples, and then taking back his answer after some time of reflection. Some people have reacted strongly both ways to the interview, but as someone who has been helped by his work, I found this article... Continue Reading →

Is the Bible more pro-woman than you assume? | Religion News Service

While "Christian feminism" has many different manifestations, Wendy Alsup gives her perspective on it from a more conservative-leaning background.  Regarding women in churches, she says: "I often hear the dreaded “slippery slope” argument, the fear that if you give women an inch more responsibility in the church, they’ll take a mile. This has deeply harmed... Continue Reading →

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