How to Journal through the Psalms | Crossway Articles

"In the Psalms we find how to be real with God and simultaneously reverent—how he wants us to relate to him as his children." Something that I've been doing this year has been going through a Psalm each day, journaling alongside it with thoughts from the day and copying down verses as my own prayers.... Continue Reading →


Does God Really Want Honest Prayers? – CCC Discover

  "Our culture is uncomfortable with extended grief. The church has a responsibility to fight against the dishonesty of living on the surface of things, or encouraging people to put a smile on their faces so they will have a positive attitude about difficult things. The psalms can help. “The Psalms are by nature invitational,”... Continue Reading →

How Embracing Rest Can Change Your Life – RELEVANT Magazine

What happens when we get burnt out in ministry? "Unfortunately, in some Christian circles, the response to people burned out is this: It’s your fault. You’re not resting." When rest becomes just another thing to be burdened with or another task we have to complete as Christians, the contradiction of that wears us out. What does... Continue Reading →


Reading the Bible can be difficult; reading the entire Bible in a year can be really difficult.


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