Racism and Corporate Evil: A White Guy’s Perspective | Desiring God

"If we don’t get what the Bible says about corporate evil, we won’t only misunderstand the Bible, but we won’t understand our non-white brothers and sisters’ pain." This is an article worth reading just to learn how to articulate—within the church—the tension that is visible in the modern American church. As always, Dr. Tim Keller... Continue Reading →


How to Make Your Church Uncomfortable

"Our social activism or politics won’t save anyone, but it could still help someone and show that the message we speak makes a difference in our lives." I think this is the right way to approach social activism as Christians. We shouldn't make it the core of who we are, but we should view it... Continue Reading →

The Bridge to Life | The Navigators

Cool little evangelism tool that some of us who have gone to college ministry might have encountered. Leaving it here for those of us who haven't! Source: The Bridge to Life | The Navigators


Is God a Genocidal Maniac? – Discover

  "The fact that our notion of God is challenged by the Bible is a sure sign that the God revealed within the pages of Scripture is real. Lewis went on to say, “My idea of God is not a divine idea. It has to be shattered time after time. He shatters it himself. He... Continue Reading →


From Doubt to Depth – Biola University

"We need to stop trying to appear to others like we are thriving, flourishing, faith-filled Christians and start being honest about our fears and frustrations and hashing them out with God himself: the One who formed us to be complex, curious beings with minds capable of asking questions." Source: From Doubt to Depth


A Church That Welcomes Sinners – Discover

  It's often difficult to know exactly how to engage with our own sin, the sin of those around us, and the sin of those in the church; often, we opt to either be overly gentle about sin (to the point of almost accepting it) or overly harsh about it, removing God's grace from the... Continue Reading →


So, You’re Starting to Doubt Your Faith – RELEVANT Magazine

Relevant Magazine brings three major points to keep in mind when you start to doubt your faith.  In some circles, having doubt about faith is shamed and seen as a turn from faith; it might be richer and far more complex of an experience than that.  Just as doubts come up in our relationships with... Continue Reading →


Does God Really Want Honest Prayers? – CCC Discover

  "Our culture is uncomfortable with extended grief. The church has a responsibility to fight against the dishonesty of living on the surface of things, or encouraging people to put a smile on their faces so they will have a positive attitude about difficult things. The psalms can help. “The Psalms are by nature invitational,”... Continue Reading →


That Time I Said “Yes” When I Really Meant “No”: One Last Thought on Eugene Peterson’s Interview — Rebecca K. Reynolds

Recently, Pastor Eugene Peterson gave an interview in which he made some comments regarding a willingness to marry same-sex couples, and then taking back his answer after some time of reflection. Some people have reacted strongly both ways to the interview, but as someone who has been helped by his work, I found this article... Continue Reading →


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