A Church That Welcomes Sinners – Discover

  It's often difficult to know exactly how to engage with our own sin, the sin of those around us, and the sin of those in the church; often, we opt to either be overly gentle about sin (to the point of almost accepting it) or overly harsh about it, removing God's grace from the... Continue Reading →

So, You’re Starting to Doubt Your Faith – RELEVANT Magazine

Relevant Magazine brings three major points to keep in mind when you start to doubt your faith.  In some circles, having doubt about faith is shamed and seen as a turn from faith; it might be richer and far more complex of an experience than that.  Just as doubts come up in our relationships with... Continue Reading →

Who Am I to Judge? – CCC Discover

If we're going to judge other people within the church (and this is mentioned in 1 Corinthians 5), we ought to judge on the basis of truth and love instead of the overflow of our own judgmental nature.  Because it's so easy to fall into the trap of merely judging other people without examining our own... Continue Reading →

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