The Most Subtle Form of Pride | Desiring God

"Humility says, “I am small . . . but my God is big, so I will go, speak, and do.” Cowardice, pride, and self-preoccupation say, “I am puny, others are more qualified, I don’t want to screw things up for myself and others by accepting.” What this often means, of course, is, God doesn’t really... Continue Reading →

Gen Z, Let’s Prioritize the Gospel as We Pursue Justice | The Gospel Coalition

"Yet if we want to live out justice the way God commands and celebrates, we must prioritize the gospel. If we truly want to see human flourishing and reduce global suffering, we need to deal with the biggest problem humanity faces: sin and death." If we haven't noticed, social justice is on the rise with... Continue Reading →

From Doubt to Depth – Biola University

"We need to stop trying to appear to others like we are thriving, flourishing, faith-filled Christians and start being honest about our fears and frustrations and hashing them out with God himself: the One who formed us to be complex, curious beings with minds capable of asking questions." Source: From Doubt to Depth

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